Our passion and speciality is Natural Stone Flooring; The Gallery offers the opportunity to come and peruse a variety of Stone Flooring and wall tiles in situ within a warm lifestyle setting.


With 40 years of experience in Stone Flooring, we can combine the traditional with contemporary modern living. 


We carry extensive stocks of York, Cotswold, Welsh pennant, Blue Lias and Sandstone flagstones as well as quarry tiles, cobble setts, slates and paviors.

All stone is locally sourced or reclaimed from around the UK. Each slab is individually hand crafted by our stone masons in-house at our Ronsons site in Sandhurst.


We offer high quality bespoke flooring in a range of natural stone, so matching to existing Antique Cotswold Stone, Yorke/Pennent Flagstone Flooring is our speciality.


While most manufacturers think in catalogue product, The Gallery offers a collection of solutions and individual styles, to suit all interior flooring needs. 

The variety of colours, versatility of uses, wide availability, and beauty of flagstone make it an ideal material to use in a range of projects.


It has a naturally non-slip surface which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Flagstone can be used for paving, roofing, headstones, patios, walkways, pillars and facades.


The stone ranges from ½ to 2 inches thick. The slabs are usually cut or broken into irregular shapes, adding to the beauty many find in the look of the random, less contrived pattern of a flagstone walkway / interior floor.​​



"We have worked with Ronsons for over 10 years on high quality domestic refurbishment and new build projects.  Much of our work involves alterations and refurbishment work to historic buildings, often using reclaimed or bespoke materials.  Ron and David’s expertise in sourcing or creating building stone and paving materials to either match existing materials or to suit a client’s requirements has been invaluable and often made a major contribution to the success of some of our more prestigious projects.​"

Tony - Holmes Morgan Ltd


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